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Corporate Partnerships

Could your business help people who rely on us? 


The invaluable and generous support we receive every year from the local business community is vital in allowing us to continue providing our services to your local community. 

These include services our community has come to rely on such as our COMMUNITY FRIDGES, CREATIVE YOUTH SESSIONS, and the KINDNESS CAFE. 

Why work with us?

Want to find out a bit more about what we do and why working with us could benefit your local community, employees and target audiences? This short 3 min video will hopefully give you a flavour of some of our vital work in the community. From working with Trowbridge youth, providing creative youth sessions, activities and workshops and day trips. To providing regular community support including our community fridges, weekly activities, support and kindness cafe.


There are also some great ways that you as an individual can give. Why not consider one of the following ways of getting involved? You can donate as much or as little of your time and resources as suits you, we just ask that you consider giving something to help others in your local community, who rely on our support. Thank you.

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