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Leaving a gift in your will

If you are considering leaving us a gift in your will - thank you. 

Every gift makes such a difference. 

The simplest gifts are: 

  • A percentage of your estate – this can be 1% to 100% to depending on your personal circumstances. The advantage of this type of gift is that everyone you would like to benefit from your Will gets something! Even 1% to Trowbridge Future can make a difference and this ensures those closest to you can receive 99% 

  • A cash sum – however large or small 


There are other types of gifts you can make but it is wise to take professional advice to ensure every gift meets your wishes. It is highly likely that a gift to Trowbridge Future Will attract inheritance tax savings – but again, take professional advice.


It is so easy 
The ONLY information you need to give to your solicitor is our registered charity number: 1165254 and our registered address is Seymour Hub, 80 Charles Street, Trowbridge, BA14 8ND. 

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