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Nariman Ismail

Robert volunteers at the Community Hub as he likes helping people making sure that they get support and a friendly greeting.


He sorts out any problems they have and pass on to the correct people, and tries to get answers back quickly.


He finds it a pleasure to know that he has helped someone and they go home feeling supported.


Pamela Bougeard

Pamela has recently retired from teaching, after more than 30 years at an independent school in Bath, first as Head of Spanish and latterly as an Assistant Head Teacher. As well as volunteer English teaching,  Pamela is  also a volunteer teacher at a local lifesaving club. A keen swimmer and walker, in her retirement Pamela has also taken up cold water swimming and paddleboarding. Other interests include learning the saxophone, sewing and craftwork, and cryptic crosswords. 

Mark Marshall.jpg

Mark Andrew Marshall

Mark runs Trowbridge Service Users Group which provides peer support and activities to Trowbridge free of charge and self-referral.  

He also volunteers with Trowbridge Future, helping to run the Longfield community fridge. 

Mark runs mental health peer support and activities from the Shires and Seymour Hubs. 

His education is vast covering many esoteric healing practices, reiki, qi gong, curandero as well as studies in psychology, Buddhist psychology etc diploma in DBT, Counselling plus many other certificates in mental health available at request. 

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