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Find out more about what Trowbridge Future does and some of the projects we organise.
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Trowbridge Future’s origins go back to the 1990s when a group of local residents and business people set up a group called Trowbridge Twenty Twenty, to identify key local issues, devise projects and work to shape the long-term future of the town.


In 2002 it became Trowbridge Future and received funding from the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative to develop a community plan.


In 2008 when Wiltshire became a unitary authority it was split into a number of areas each with an Area Board and a Community Area Partnership (CAP). Trowbridge Future then changed its name to Trowbridge Community Area Future and became the CAP for Trowbridge. In this role TCAF received funding from Wiltshire Council, continued to manage the community plan, to facilitate and support other organisations and to lobby on behalf of Trowbridge.


In 2014 Wiltshire Council cut its funding of CAPs. Although Trowbridge Future secured a grant from Trowbridge Town Council it could not continue to operate as it had with the reduced funding. In 2015 Trowbridge Future carried out a piece of research in the neighbourhoods in Trowbridge to identify their needs and priorities. As a result the decision was taken to apply to become an independent charity working for the disadvantaged people of Trowbridge. Following Wiltshire Council’s decision to cut all its youth services it was obvious there was a need to develop youth activities on Studley Green, Longfield and Seymour.


In September 2016 Trowbridge Future appointed a qualified youth worker and began work on Studley Green and Seymour. Since then Trowbridge Future has developed to running youth cafes on Studley Green, Seymour and Longfield, detached work in the Stallards Skate Park and mentoring sessions at John of Gaunt School.


In 2017 Trowbridge Future took over a vacant premise in the Shires Shopping Centre and established the BA14 Community Hub. Working initially with a group of local charities Trowbridge Future created this into a space, staffed largely by volunteers, where people can come to ask for advice and signposting and to get involved in the community.


In 2020 Trowbridge Future established two further premises Studley Cabin and Seymour Community Hub. 3-year core funding from the National Lottery has led to ongoing sustainability of the organisation. Apart from an annual grant from Trowbridge Town Council all income comes from funds raised from applications to funders, donations and appeals.

In 2024 we are opening a new dedicated youth space and a larger community hub, both in the centre of Trowbridge. We have been fortunate enough to receive a further 4-years National Lottery funding that will be a springboard to our long-term sustainability.

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