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What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Would you know what the differences are between Dementia and Alzheimer’s? Do you know who dementia affects? Are you aware of how dementia might affect a person? Would you know how to support a loved one living with dementia?

The team at Trowbridge Futures have enjoyed taking part in a Dementia Friends webinar hosted by Tim Wright of Goodson Lodge, the Orders of St John Care Trust home on Hilperton Road. Delivered on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society, Tim was able to:

· Highlight the five key messages that a Dementia Friend should know

· Provide helpful explanations about how dementia can affect a person

· Flag how we can support those living with dementia and their families

· Signpost to organisations who can help those affected

“We spent time today becoming Dementia Friends and discussing how we can support people living with dementia and their loved ones who visit our community spaces”

Zoe Meaden – Community Manager, Trowbridge Futures

Knowing how we can support our family, friends, colleagues or even the stranger in the street is incredibly important. Whilst we cannot teach you everything in a thirty-minute webinar session, we hope that the awareness raised will help us all change the way we think, act and talk about dementia.

With the community initiative Dementia Action Trowbridge working to further enhance opportunities for those living with dementia to engage and participate in the community by providing a supportive network of organisations to share resources and expertise alongside more Dementia Friends, we hope that Trowbridge really will become a more dementia friendly place to live, work and visit.

If you as an individual or any community groups you belong to would like to find out more about Goodson Lodge or Dementia Friends, please email Tim at

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