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Seeds For The Future

In November 2020 we set up a weekly community fridge (from the Seymour Hub) where people can collect unsold food donations. This work aimed to reduce food waste, feeding bellies by bins, supporting Wiltshire Council to achieve their pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030.

This is where our link with Trowbridge Environmental Community Group began. When the group received funding to deliver a project giving out Free Green Community Kits to residents of Trowbridge and surrounding villages, Trowbridge Future came to the fore.

The aim of the kits were to provide those isolated at home, vulnerable and those on low income with kits full of creative eco related activities to do at home. 35 kits were distributed to visitors of the community fridge and a number were given to local families.

‘It has been great to see how people have been inspired by the gardening and wildlife kits, it has been a ray of sunshine for all who have been involved.’

Jordan Jones (pictured) was immediately inspired and went straight home to plant her sees. Since this time, she has been carefully tending her plants on her kitchen windowsill, and more recently sharing them with neighbours to plant in their gardens.

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