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National Theatre project – Trowbridge youth get in on the act

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Our young people are part of an exciting nationwide theatre initiative from the National Theatre, in partnership with Trowbridge Town Hall.

Artists and communities are creating and performing an epic multi-version production of The Odyssey which will be retold in five episodes: one of them to take place at the Town Hall in April 2023, with our young people taking part.

“At Trowbridge Future, we absolutely love a new project and when the Town Hall invited us to participate in its production of The Odyssey, partnered with the National Theatre, we jumped at the chance,” said Deborah McLean, Youth Manager. “And wow, what an incredible and positive journey we are having so far!

Deborah describes the project as transformative for the young people taking part. The workshops are delivered in a fun and engaging way, full of exciting and at times complicated games to help the young people to learn about stage direction, conveying feelings and emotions, audience engagement and working as part of a team.

“The young people are learning a huge amount and we are taking away so much from being involved. One of our young members who is usually an unconfident and shy young man comes alive at the workshops and I have never seen him smile or laugh so much.”

Youth club member Harriet Gray, who also studies drama at Wiltshire College, said “I really like the fact that Trowbridge has been given this opportunity to collaborate with other bigger towns and such a big company as the National Theatre – I feel like we don’t really get opportunities like this.

“I’m enjoying the workshops and particularly the chance to meet and work with members of the community that I wouldn’t have before. Also, as someone who’s studying performing arts at college, I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with theatre professionals and the workshops have really influenced my work at college.”

Public Acts is supported by Arts Council England's Strategic Touring Fund, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, The Mosawi Foundation and Wates Foundation.

Original content from Celebrate: Trowbridge Community Paper produced by Trowbridge Town Hall

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