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A fond farewell to founding trustee

We are wishing a fond farewell to Margaret Howard, who is stepping down as trustee of Trowbridge Future after 26 years of service.

Margaret, from Newtown, began her involvement in the founding days of the organisation in the 1990s when a group of Trowbridge residents came together to identify local issues and support people to develop activities and projects for the community.

She has helped to steer us from fledgling neighbourhood group to a community-based charity that provides invaluable support to young people and adults across the town.

Now in her 80s, Margaret spent her working life in the National Health Service, beginning her career as a Registered Nurse and midwife. She later went on to take a degree in education, becoming Director of Nurse Education for the Bath Health District, representing the region at national level.

Colin Kay, fellow trustee, said: “Margaret has been a real mainstay of Trowbridge Future for a very long time. Her experience of working in the health service and her knowledge of people management has been invaluable.

“Her approach to meetings has been meticulous. Even during the pandemic when she was not able to join virtual meetings we would deliver papers to her and she would give comments by phone. Her ability to understand and amend policies is outstanding.

“Above all Margaret has been a wise, compassionate and very conscientious member of the Board of Trustees. We will miss her greatly.”

Margaret worked for some years for the Salvation Army, helping some of society’s most vulnerable people. A role she says is mirrored by television drama ‘Call the Midwife’. She says her life has been filled with meeting and working alongside interesting people.

“I’m incredibly proud of how far Trowbridge Future has come and the difference it is making to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our community,” she said. “Staff and volunteers work so hard, and they did amazing things during the Covid lockdown to find innovative ways of working and to keep in contact with families. It was truly terrific.

“In some ways I’m very sad to be leaving but I know the charity is in good hands and I plan to call in regularly to the Shire’s Community Hub to keep in close contact.”

Margaret, who has lived in Trowbridge for forty years, will continue to play an active role in the town, as Vice-President of Trowbridge Civic Society, representing St James’ Church at Christian Action in the Trowbridge Area, and volunteering for Trowbridge Museum.

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