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Our Vision

Trowbridge Future enhances the lives of the communities of Trowbridge, by supporting the most vulnerable to enable the change they want to see in their lives.

Core Programme Areas:

Trowbridge Future aims to provide local people with the opportunities to come together, build stronger relationships, help local people feel better about where they live and support them to improve their community and the things that matter to them. Trowbridge Future has three core programme areas: 


To provide a sustainable, regular, constructive and professional youth provision in Longfield, Seymour and Studley Green neighbourhoods to enable the young people growing up within them to reach their full potential and develop the activities and facilities that they would like to see. 



To create stronger, vibrant communities in Trowbridge where residents have pride in their communities and the confidence to identify issues they face and come together to address them. 



To support local residents in Longfield, Seymour and Studley Green neighbourhoods to come together and respond to issues of concern to improve the environment where they live  




80 Charles St


BA14 8ND



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